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How Use Eggshells to Fertilize Your Plants

Como adubar as suas plantas com Cascas de Ovos, veja o Vídeo com

algumas dicas para Você.

I will show how You use egg shells to fertilize your plants, it is very important

 for them and for You to use organic fertilizers, is very simple and easy to do.
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The eggs peel is rich in Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and some nitrogen
They are key substances for life of plants
You separating egg shells, put to dry, preferably the shadow
Why you force the drying by placing in the oven or in the sun, they will lose some nitrogen
You can manually shred or grind in blender
Let's go
Manually is easy
In the blender
After grinding You will use a measuring spoon of tea for each plant
It is easy and simple to make, and your plants will thank you with flowers and

 fruits beautiful and tasty
Thank you friends and to the next

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