segunda-feira, 11 de maio de 2015

How to Plant Apple Seeds in a Pot, the Garden

Apple trees grown from the seeds,
I am posting the steps I'm doing this method,
from the choice of seeds, land, birth and becoming a
beautiful little tree that will be a BONSAI Misho.
Seeds: Seeds used Gala Apple, purchased at the same Supermarket
Apple likes warmer climates,
Sun: Palnta all need sun, but preferêncialmene morning.
Water: water diariamene morning.
Earth: rich in materials Organic fertilizers also prefer Organic,
Misho is a technique of growing bonsai from a seed, where we can get excellent

quality seedlings,
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  1. A nice and clear clip how to plant the seeds of an apple tree. Beautiful and educational information.
    Enjoy the weekend my friend.

    1. Helma!
      Thanks for visiting, greatings!